About Me

About Me

I'm a software engineer at Spotify and the creator of UserDefaultsStore, Drops, SwifterSwift, and other open source projects.

On the way from Aleppo (my hometown) to Amsterdam (where I currently live), I went through several pitstops including Dubai, Cairo, LA, and Istanbul. As a welcome consequence, I speak Arabic, English, and Turkish, and currently learning Dutch.

I love building tools, iOS apps, React web apps – like this website –, and contributing to open source projects. Swift is my favored tool, but I also enjoy working with other languages like Python, Javascript, and Ruby.

On the side, I enjoy practicing Arabic calligraphy, looking for the best cup of espresso in town, and relaxing with a fun session of board games with friends and family.

You can find me online on Twitter, Github, and Linkedin.

I enjoy sharing knowledge with fellow software enthusiasts and would be happy to meet over a cup of coffee, take part in conferences, or be a guest on podcasts.

I believe you can tell a lot about someone by taking a look at their Mac's dock, above is mine 😁